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The company was founded in 2005 by DimitrisDonis developing integrated activities in the market of real estate in Parga and the wider coastal zone of Epirus.

Member of HAR (Hellenic Association of Realtors), the unique professional independent institution of independent real estates in Greece that has set strict membership criteria, code of conduct and adoption of European standards of service of real estate agents (EN 15733), recognized by the CEI (European Confederation of Real Estate), a founding member of ICREA, the largest International Consortium of Real Estate Assosiations worldwide, as well as exclusive partner of the National Association of Realtors USA (NAR National Association of Realtors) enabling through partners network to provide services throughout the Greek and the international real estate market.

Innovating and having knowledge of the market, we cover the entire spectrum of todays demands, suggesting specialized and integrated solutions for your needs. (clients feedback)


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